ffis e.V.

This document explains how reimbursements for projects associated to ffis e.V. are handled.


You need

  1. Approval by project for a certain sum
  2. All *original* receipts that prove the costs you would like to get reimbursed. If you are unsure what to attach, feel free to contact kasse at ffis.de beforehand.
  3. A properly filled out and signed reimbursement form

  4. Attach the receipts to the reimbursement form and send it via snail mail to the address printed on the form.
  5. Do *NOT* send the mail via Einschreiben which may fail or delay reimbursements, and may require the association to spend additional time needlessly.

Please note that for fiscal reasons we cannot transfer money without an invoice or reimbursement request with proper receipts.


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